Inner Space Manchester, 14 Byrom Street, Spinningfields,
(Opposite Opera House; Satnav use M3 3HP)
Manchester M3 4PP

Do you find yourself worrying about the environmental crisis? Do you feel like avoiding the news and weather forecasts? 

Experts worldwide have begun to note an increase in public anxiety and feelings of helplessness connected with climate change. They recognise how some people feel frustrated due to their inability to feel like they are making a difference in stopping climate change.

Linda Lee offers tips and tools to manage your own personal climate change stress - a method to nurture ourselves and our world and feel better about an uncertain future.

Linda has co-ordinated the Brahma Kumaris activities in Brighton since 1983. She also organises an ongoing programme of events in Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and Crawley and supports the Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing. Linda has a passion for peace in the world and understands that lasting peace can only come from a change of heart and attitude.


We need to let you know that these days all our events are very popular and, because of no shows, we have to overbook. So even if you register you’ll need to arrive in good time to be sure of a seat. And, of course, more than ever, if you find that you are unable to come for any reason, please email or call and let us know as soon as possible. Thanks!


There are currently no planned dates.

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