Keyll Darree Education and Training Centre Nobles Hospital
The Strang
United Kingdom

  Although the mind is something everyone has it is little understood.  Yet it is via the mind that we come to understand and experience our environment.  When  our minds are always caught up with the external world, we are constantly in a state of seeking satisfaction and rarely able to experience the present moment.  By understanding how the mind works we are able to access the incredible power that lies within and be able to enjoy both the moment as well as plant the seeds for an amazing life ahead.  Join us on this incredible journey of self-discovery.  

Our speakers for the evening are Ash Patel and Mark Fleming.

Ash Patel is a commercial director within the IT services sector, responsible principally for relationship development.  His interest lies in learning about and applyiing inner leadership principles to cultivate greater self-awareness and heartfulness.  Ash lives in Worthing on the South Coast.

Mark Fleming is based at the Lighthouse Retreat Centre in Worthing.  There he delivers a wide variety of self-deveopment courses in a light and entertaining way.  




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